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Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

Elder Pilot for Elders

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Elder Pilot for Elders

Every milestone in life you have met with care and consideration. 

Choices have been made based on experience, research, and at times that grumbling sense in the belly that something doesn't sit quite right.

Moving to a Retirement Residence or Long-Term Care home is yet another transition in this journey.  Sometimes choices need to be made rather quickly and this is uncharted territory.

Elderpilot is your navigational guide that allows for quick and easy information collection for each home toured. A nine category checklist cues the user to look for certain items that may have relevance to your lifestyle, and the future enjoyment of your new home. 

The guide is available through a computer download, or if you prefer in old school style: paper.

You are not the type of person to sit back and leave things to chance. So take this challenge and lead the charge, there's an experienced pilot in your corner.

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