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Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

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What are the Activities of Daily Living? (Often referred to as ADLs)

Activities of daily living are core areas that are part of an ordinary day.

Think of the things that we do spontaneously, or with some planning, to manage our daily needs:

Bathing, Dressing, Mobility, Continence (able to identify the need to move the bowels or empty the bladder), Eating, Using the bathroom

Determining how well an Elder is managing in each of these areas, offers insight into the possible need for care supports.

Other areas that are worth noting include difficulties in: Using the telephone, Preparing meals, Safely taking personal medications, the ability to continue with Housekeeping chores, Grocery shop, Safely drive and Manage Finances.

When developing a plan of care, the Elder's strengths can be supported and their challenges can be addressed through a careful review of the findings.

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