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How To Navigate the Elderpilot Mobile Apps: A Tutorial

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Welcome to Elder Pilot Mobile Apps.  This tutorial will help you when using our technology.  

But before we get started...

NEW: We are excited to offer additional information in the form of a tour guide manual and checklist to download! (We can also mail a printed version of the above, for your convenience.)    

What does the manual include?

For more information, and a comprehensive, detailed explanation of each checklist item, including a printable version of our checklists, (conveniently formatted to take on tours): Visit our web site www.elderpilot.com to access the tour guide manual pertinent to your search. 

Future publications in the works...

  • More Resources
  • Valuable information about home options
  • Tips to help reduce the research required, in this important journey
  • Home safety tips
  • Long-Term care home: Packing guide,  Admission information, and creating a memory package 

Pardon our Excitement, but we thrive on empowering Seniors! Now on to our free mobile apps...

READY for Empowerment?

1. Let's get started

 After Downloading the mobile app of choice: Elder Pilot Long-Term care or Elder Pilot Retirement, take some time and familiarize yourself with the app's functions.

Elder Pilot: Getting Started

2.  The Resource Section, a great place to start...

The "Resource section" provides a brief overview of the relevance, and importance of the chosen tour guide category. To access the Resource section, touch the lines in the upper left corner of the screen (to the left of Checklists).  The screen shot above is a great reference.  

(To access a comprehensive outline of each prompt in detail, as well as "Food for Thought" commentary, visit our website. You will be to  gain access to additional, valuable information, including a printable version of the content: plus in-depth resource explanations, and the tour checklists, formatted for touring.)

 The app Resource section is now available by touching the word “Resources”

Elder Pilot: Added Options

3.  How do I navigate the Resource section?

Touch the “Select a page” prompt at the top, and each of the nine categories in the checklist will be accessible.  Move the list up and down by scrolling down at the bottom of the screen where the categories are listed, and select the topic of interest. Press “Done” when the category appears highlighted in the box. Categories can also be accessed by touching the name you wish to access

Elder Pilot: Checklist Categories

Review each of the categories and learn about the prompts. This will help you focus your observations more quickly on the tour

4.  Now that you have a better appreciation of the rationale behind the Checklist topics, let's get ready for a home tour

Starting a Tour: If this is your first home; press the “Get Started” prompt.  (Look at the first screen shot as a reference)

If you have already created a home and saved it, you can add another by pressing “Create New”  (The screen shot under #9 shows a sample of this prompt)

5.  The Checklists

The 9 Checklist categories are now accessible to open, one at a time.

In the first section; “Checklist Details” basic contact information about the home can be entered.  

Some users complete the whole section, others just add the name of the home, and address. Any subsequent information can be easily accessed and added later. The “return” prompt on your keypad allows you to move down the questions when typing information into the Checklist Details section

Elder Pilot: Checklist Categories

6.  Recording observations

Check off observed items in the checklists only if they are present.  Checks can be added or removed by touching the circle at the end of each prompt.  An empty box will indicate that the observation was not made, or the item did not meet expectations.  

The shared report will show the empty boxes as (x), meaning the item was not present or was unsatisfactory

Elder Pilot: Navigating through the Checklist

During the Tour, it is possible to scroll up and down, adding information to the categories as they become available. Extra details can also be added at the end of your tour

7.  Saving your work is a must...

Do not touch the <Cancel prompt at the top of the screen until you have Saved the information or all data will be lost!  After using the Notes and Photos Section scroll down to SAVE

Elder Pilot: Saving the Data

8.  A Picture is worth a 1000 words and will cue you when multiple tours are conducted

A building picture really personalizes the tour and helps remind the tourist about the home's appearance. Photos taken inside the facility must not include any pictures of the Residents, due to privacy policies.

In this section, notes can be typed, and pictures added. Under the Checklist Icon, add a picture of the outside of the home.  This will be your cue when comparing this residence to others

Elder Pilot: Taking Notes and Photos of LTC and Retirement Homes

9.  Mission accomplished and the data is saved, now what?

Once saved, your review will appear on the first screen, with a score based on the number of observations recorded. Note the picture of the home in the left hand corner

Elder Pilot: The Final Record

10.  What if I want to add additional information after the home report is saved, or edit the observations?

By touching the saved home's name on the first screen, you can review a summary of the checklist, your rating, and also Edit, and add any information missed.  The screen shot below shows the Edit button, that will appear with the new screen and the chosen home, once you have touched the home's name.

The Edit prompt allows you to access the checklist, and add information, or remove/add check marks.  Always Scroll to the bottom and SAVE prior to exiting.

11.  How can I share my findings?

The "Share" button allows the data to be sent to others, for their review via the enclosed options

Elder Pilot: Sharing or Editing Reports

12.  How can I review, contrast, and compare the number of observations noted for the Homes?

Compare and contrast ratings for each section by using the "Compare" button. This will allow you to cross reference the scores of each home using the nine categories.

Scroll through the categories, and total scores will be visible.  The Compare option is accessed in the same manner as the Resources Section 

This report can also be Shared with others

Elder Pilot: Compare and Share Reports with Family and Friends

13.  What if I forget my Password?

Your Password can be reset using My Account, which is accessed through the same process as the Resources section

14.  What if I run out of storage space and want to review more homes, or wish to eliminate a home?

To delete a home from the checklist, slide your thumb on the name of the home (highlighted in green), to the left. The prompt “Delete” will be visible to the right of the home’s name. Press delete, and the data from that location will be removed from the app.

If you have reviewed several homes, and there is no more storage, don't forget to share your reports before deleting information.

Elder Pilot: Deleting a Report

You are READY to use the App

Any questions?  Email us through the website for help.

Lastly, What Does the Score Mean?

The Elder Pilot program provides a 9-category checklist with some suggested observations that will help the user better understand the amenities, and the functioning of the home. There is the capability to take photos and add personal notations.

When reviewing the overall scores, consider which checklist points matter the most to you or your loved one. There may be items that are of no consequence to your final decision. So, although a home may have scored higher in a category or overall; perhaps certain amenities or observations have little interest or impact in your personal selection. Perhaps there are other items that come to mind that need to be evaluated.

Use the checklist as a way to catalogue what you saw, how you felt, and to track the general amenities of each location. These can be shared with other others involved in the search. Elder Pilot allows you to record observations for each home, at a time when relying upon memory may not be the most efficient way to recall details.

Score Calculations

The percentage scores are calculated based on checked observations, and completion of the tool. Observations can be affected by the skill of the tour guide, observational skills of the user, personal bias, time of the tour, opportunities to ask questions etc.

Elder Pilot does not warrant or claim that the highest rated score equates to the best care or best LTC/Retirement facility. Likewise lower ratings do not imply a lower quality of care or a less desirable LTC/Retirement facility.

The intent of Elder Pilot is to provide the user with a convenient, practical method to collect data that may be pertinent to their search. There may be other items of research that will enhance facility choice that may not be included in this document/app. There is no intended bias relating to the age of the facility, ownership, designation, size, or other factors that may impact client choice that are included or excluded from this document.

Your acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when downloading, or using the app indicates you understand and accept the above, and all other information aforementioned in the Terms of Usage/Privacy Policy.

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