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Long-Term Care Checklist & Resource Guide (Hardcopy & Digital)

Package Includes:

  • Hardcopy of checklist and resource manual mailed to you
  • Instant download of PDF document you can print at home
  • Nine category checklist
  • Resource guide with narrative around each question

Elder Pilot was written by a former Director of Care and Administrator of multiple Long-Term Care Homes. This is an impartial, third party, observational guideline written by a healthcare professional that spent more than 14 years in the industry.

Dear Elder Pilot Users,

Decision making about choosing a Long-Term care home (LTC or nursing home) can be a stressful, and confusing process. Admission qualifiers to these residences are based on legislation or geographical practices, unique to where you live. This unfamiliar territory may raise questions and cause frustration, as you have always approached your life choices with thoughtful deliberation, and preparedness. For this reason, we have created a tour guide tool that may help you navigate Long-Term Care homes, and provide a starting point for future consideration.

We have received feedback that there are folks who still prefer “old school” paper versus the mobile apps, when using Elderpilot tour information. You were raised before the advent of this new technology, and handling a paper version of a document feels natural and right, because it is familiar and comfortable. For this reason, we have created a copy of the information included in the app, available in paper form.

By taking a paper copy of the booklet on tours. there will be an immediate reference for the prompts provided, as you will have the Resource manual and tour guide in hand. This is the first time the resource section has been made available in print form.

For those touring residences as an advocate, the paper copy has an area to compare homes using adjoining columns. This provides an easy and quick reference, for the future resident.

Unlike many organizations, we do not receive finder’s fees from the home you select, nor will we know what final choice you have made.

What we do hope, is that you will think about the provided prompts, and food for thought information as you conduct your tours. Remember, some of the prompts may be inconsequential relating to your own values and priorities, and I encourage you to add additional items and choose what matters to you the most.

Sincerest best wishes as we begin this journey together.


Elder Pilot Resource Manuals and Checklists are for individual personal use only. Please do not distribute or resell.

Terms of Use

Elder Pilot does not warrant or claim that the highest rated score , or most prompts noted, equates to the best long-term care (LTC) home. Likewise lower ratings do not imply a lower quality of care, or less desirable LTC facility. The intent of Elder Pilot is to provide the user with a convenient, practical method to collect data that may be pertinent to their search. There may be other items of research that will enhance facility choice that may not be included in this document. There is no intended bias relating to the age of the facility, the ownership, designation, size, or other factors that may impact client choice that are included or excluded from the documents.

The percentage scores are calculated based on checked observations, and completion of the tool. Observations can be affected by the skill of the tour guide, observational skills of the user, personal bias, time of the tour, opportunities to ask questions etc.

The information enclosed is not intended as medical advice, and in all cases, users should contact their healthcare professional for questions relating to their health and wellness.

By choosing to download and purchase this document, you are indicating acceptance and agreement to the aforementioned terms of usage.



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