Elder Pilot | Retirement, Long-Term Care and Dementia

Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

Questions To Ask

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After the results of tests and assessments are complete, a treatment plan can be placed into action. 

Perhaps there are health conditions that require treatment or medication.

Perhaps there is an active infection, medication concerns/interactions, or pain control/chronic pain issues.

Social Isolation can be a significant concern for the Elderly. Check the Community Services programs in your area.                                    

Is there a supervised Adult Day social program?                                                                                                                             

Is there a Respite companion program to provide caregiver relief and meaningful visits for the Elder?                                                

Are there programs with visiting Volunteers?                                                                                                                                  

Are there groups that provide support and services for certain medical concerns? Example: Alzheimer Society.

What care services are available through government health programs and private insurance?

To effectively assist or provide care for an individual, consider the whole person: 

Emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

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