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Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

Needs Analysis

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Booking a visit for a health review with your physician is a good opportunity to identify the causes for changes in wellness and abilities.

Doctors will often order a blood and urine analysis to rule out certain medical conditions.  

There may be other tests, depending upon the Elder's examination outcomes.  

At times the Doctor may administer an assessment tool to determine if there are memory changes. If there are identified red flags, this may prompt a referral to a Neurologist, Geriatric Specialist or Memory Clinic.

Medical Appointments can be stressful, and advanced preparation makes the appointment more effective.  

Bring a list of current medications provided by your pharmacist, and write the questions you wish to discuss. Don't forget to include a list of over the counter medications taken on an "as needed basis".

Some Elders benefit from bringing a trusted companion to attend the appointment as a "second set of ears." 

This measure insures that there is another individual who is able to record information and ask questions. 

Medical appointments can be physically and emotionally stressful.  Having support in the form of a trusted companion is a sign of good planning, not weakness.

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