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Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

Making Informed Choices

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If an Elder's activities of daily living are impacted, and/or there are safety concerns, it may be time for additional care assistance.

Your physician or health care practitioner, can guide you in accessing health resources available to citizens in your geographical location.  The local public health department is also well versed in community services.

  • Are there community support services available to assist with continued safety, and independence in the Elder's home?
  • Is the concern significant enough that crisis intervention: hospitalization or acute care settings are merited to manage health conditions etc.?
  • Is there supportive housing available where care provision is provided to tenants?  Are there wait lists, and what is the immediacy of the situation?
  • Would a Retirement Residence or Long-Term Care home be the best option?

Retirement Residences offer a variety of accommodations and services, with fee schedules for the desired amenities. Some homes have provisions for aging in place, with the ability to offer care for changing levels of health.  Other homes are designed for active seniors who are looking to downsize, and are managing independently.

Long-Term care homes offer more complex care services. Check regarding the admission requirements specific to your area.

Elderpilot LTC and Elderpilot Retirement include checklists that provide the user with an organized approach to touring, an efficient method of documenting observations, and the ability to make home comparisons, and share them. 

The note taking option allows the addition of other information that you may find pertinent in your search.  

Adding a photograph to identify the toured home, provides a visual cue for the user.  It also allows the prospective resident a snapshot of the location, if they were unable to attend a tour.

Make these tours an empowering and informative journey because you are prepared, have done your homework, and have the tools to make an informed choice.

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