Elder Pilot | Retirement, Long-Term Care and Dementia

Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

Long-Term Care and Retirement Guides

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Its time to move from Autopilot to Elder Pilot to access the care and services that best suit your health care needs.

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Long-Term Care Handbook - Coming Soon!

What's included in the guide?

The 4 S’s Approach:
Identifying Health Care/Self Care/Coping issues, even when your elder is in denial

Finding the Health Care Services that meet your needs

Ground Zero:
Making the Connection to health care and FREE Services and Savings

Caring for the Caregiver:
Looking after loved ones: Employment Rights: Job security, possible financial benefits, tax breaks

Retirement Homes:
Access, Suitability, Tour Checklist, Care provision

Long-Term Care homes (formerly nursing homes):
Home location checklist, Tour booking rating scale, Tour Checklist

Creating a Story Board
Introduce your loved one to caregivers and share their story

Admission Kit Preparation:
What to bring, how to move as seamlessly as possible.

First meeting:
First meeting with the Long-Term team (Care Conference) toolkit

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