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To build a supportive network where access to relevant information and current technology is available to Seniors who are navigating lifestyle options.

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ElderPilot is a navigating system that guides families and individuals through the maze of resources available to Elders who are experiencing difficulty living independently. Keep Reading »

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Resources, insight and observations on the current state of long-term care (retirement) homes, retirement and dementia.

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This is your place to Seek Information, Connect with Others, and become part of a Larger Community who respect and value Seniors.

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When a loved one is living with Dementia:      Poetry inspired by a Caregiver

When a loved one is living with Dementia: Poetry inspired by a Caregiver

Posted Mar 2nd, 2017 in News, Tips, Dementia, ElderPilot in Action

My Requiem to a Caregiver, to me, her insight was everything

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ElderPilot gives you the tools to select the right Retirement Residence or Long-Term Care (Nursing) Home.

Introducing the ElderPilot checklists that help you identify what Long-Term Care (nursing) Home or Retirement Home is the best choice for your unique needs.

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