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Dear Friends of Elder Pilot,

We envision Senior Friendly communities where choice, diversity and individuality are celebrated, and individuals are supported in maintaining independence and quality of life.

We believe in empowering Seniors with our accessible, and easy to use tools and information, to be used when searching for Long-Term Care or Retirement Homes.  

We also feel that individuals living with dementia need augmented advocacy, because their ability to make choices, may be hampered by their underlying condition.  That is why we have added additional tips and strategies, to facilitate choice, when touring potential homes, or adding care services to a current location.

We feel our web site and resources are an active and dynamic place to find information, learn about current trends relating to seniors, and to reach out to others.

Our Founder has been working with Seniors providing care and education for more than 38 years; in hospitals, clinics, Long-Term care homes and in community settings.  With several family members impacted by dementia, this is a particular area of care and concern.

I believe this passion to help others, and the drive to continue to strive for improvements in the delivery of healthcare sets us apart.

We didn't just arrive at this juncture, it was just a natural transition in our journey to advocate for Seniors.

Sincerest Regards,

Ann Chartier
Founder, Elder Pilot

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