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Boomer'ang' seven tips to interest youthful seniors in a retirement complex, and keep them coming back

Posted Aug 11th, 2016 in Retirement, Tips

Boomer'ang' seven tips to interest youthful seniors in a retirement complex, and keep them coming back

The Boomers are aging fast and furious, with a growing list of must haves, if they are going to vacate their current home for a high end Retirement community lifestyle.  

Here are 7 "must haves" that are trending

1.  Two parking spaces: one covered.  Have you seen the number of seniors on motorcycles lately? 

2.  The Community Centre should have a properly equipped gym with weights, stability balls, tread mills etc.  A pool is definitely a bonus for aquafit, laps and recreation.  

3.  Offer opportunities in new builds for electronic upgrades, such as surround sound, and built in speakers for televisions and radios.  That flat screen with a tv stand holding all the accessories, doesn't cut it. Adequate wall sockets please!

4.  Two bedrooms: so one can be allocated for an office, because seniors want to be connected and have a dedicated space for their computer.  Some seniors continue to operate businesses or consult, well into retirement

5.  When creating that new design, remember to keep door entrances wider than the norm to allow for possible future assistive devices.  It is well worth your while to hire an occupational therapist for tips and ideas about kitchen and bathroom designs.  Although you are catering to an active population, health can change, and these small tweaks make life easier: think about the types of cupboard door pulls, storage height etc.  Arthritis knows no age limits.

6.  Active seniors need a front hall closet area to house those golf clubs, and other recreational equipment.  I wonder why no one has thought of putting a modified "walk in" closet at the front entrance?

7.  Offer both a tub and shower with built in safety bars.  At some point these may need to be installed, so rather than post installation drilling, consider the type of units chosen during construction. 

Today's youthful seniors aren't ready to settle and can you blame them?  The rewards have finally come to fruition for those long hours of work and frugal money management.

A successful contractor looking to woo a youthful gang of boomers, better start following the trends. Seniors may not command the news, but they will command the housing market place.


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