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Why I wish Pokémon Go was designed to tour Long-Term care and Retirement Homes

Posted Aug 6th, 2016 in Long-Term Care, Retirement

Why I wish Pokémon Go was designed to tour Long-Term care and Retirement Homes So I just read an article about one community advocate who believes a local city should extend free wifi, so folks will linger and play Pokémon Go in an area park.

Oh the hype, the interest, the chaos... the accidents, the near misses...all this for a new mobile app game.

Imagine a team of players, (heads down, attentive, engaged), searching for their adversaries through game simulation, using their IOS or Android devices.

What spontaneity, excitement, not to mention the WOW affect; (so much so,  that many players just can’t wait to  abandon their vehicles in search of virtual creatures.)  To begin play is free, but there are in app purchases that increase the gamer's ability to play, and continue on their route in search of elusive characters.


What an interesting world we've become, finding social outlets by seeking a virtual reality experience.  

Learn the game?  

Even if it takes a while to become become adept...no problem.

I watch all this with amusement, having developed an alternate type of exploration mobile app tool, designed to help people tour long-term care and retirement homes.  Elderpilot's goal is to help searchers find the best possible location to help meet the needs of an elder who requires assistance with daily living activities.  There is no cost, no added downloads, and no fees to use these mobile apps. 

Yet, many people remain rushed and ill prepared, when assisting in the search for long-term care or retirement residences.  I often hear it is pointless to plan in the long-term care sector, as folks have developed the "we'll take what we get attitude," rather than actively pursuing the most appropriate lodgings.

In the Retirement sector, many grassroots and larger companies are providing services, or information about select homes.  Reporting your query to the "recommended" places, provides them a finder's fee should the "tip" come to fruition.  One such company advised us that they did not want people to find out about the free mobile apps, or they would be out of work.

So why don't some people use apps to tour these residences, when searching?

Well, part of it is, that they lack notoriety...

No publicity, no flashy advertisements, and no news folks clamouring to get the story.  (I was told by one media outlet that old folks just weren't newsworthy.)

But hello, let's be honest....these apps are a bore; there are no creatures lingering in the cyber world except perhaps those hoping to find creature comforts.

So what's the up side of familiarizing yourself with apps that help elders find homes?


  • The residents of care and assisted living homes, are not virtual at all, and you do not need a screen to see them.  
  • I am guessing for the most part, many elders would welcome a little dedicated interaction. (The excitement of personal engagement could really make a difference!)  But alas, folks don’t have much time for oldsters that are living, breathing, and more than ready to interact in the real world. 
  • You can capture your conquest's attention, and their imaginations, without a costly upgrade!
  • You will have a comprehensive report of the home toured, complete with pictures and personalized comments.

But heck, why bother using your mobile device to find a forever home, when you can scurry around in team, and engage in pretend creature hunts, while flicking virtual balls?  

Mind you, winning candies and stardust sounds pretty darn tempting...


So as you enjoy this new game, (which I must admit looks kind of fun), I hope you will consider using other mobile apps and your well groomed abilities for additional purposes.  Consider helping an elder tour a future home, and record the information  for them using the Elderpilot prompts included, and then for nostalgic purposes, print an old school report.  Your ability to manipulate these tools will serve an oldster well.

 C'mon gamers,

Let's rally some human troops, advocate as able, and help those people virtually living under our noses, find a new home with the latest technology.

PS: You will probably win "brownie points" for your good deed...

No they are not useable to improve your game status, except, to elevate you in the eyes of someone who loves you

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