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Highlighting Elder Pilot Tour checklists. #1 Never underestimate the importance of Home Location

Posted Nov 14th, 2015 in News, Long-Term Care, Retirement, Tips

Highlighting Elder Pilot Tour checklists. #1 Never underestimate the importance of Home Location

The next series of nine blogs will be focused on value added information included in the Elder Pilot Long-Term care and Elder Pilot Retirement Resources Section.

Category 1 in our Tour Guide:
Home Location

In my experience, some individuals undervalue the relevance of location when searching for that next home base. Often choices are made, based on familiarity, or feedback from others in their immediate social or business circle. Sometimes homes are missed when organizing tours, because the tourist is unfamiliar with the location, or may have concerns about the age of the home. Choices may be based on preconceived notions, rather than amenities, practical access and individual needs.

Some families are accessing “free” help services to determine which homes to tour.

Please be advised that some businesses are collecting a finder’s fee if one of the recommended homes are chosen. The fee is collected from the retirement residence.

It may be prudent to inquire:

  • Is this service operating as a stakeholder in any of the recommended homes, as an investor, or staffing agency?

  • Are homes that refuse to offer remuneration being equally recommended?

With the aging population, senior's related businesses are growing and the prudent consumer asks questions about services. Elder Pilot does not collect finder’s fees nor do we know what home, if any, you ultimately choose.

Here is a situation where Home Location was given minimal consideration, and the outcome was difficult for the individual who was the resident’s closest confidante.

In this scenario, the Top Ranking Visitor (the one who would visit most often) was living in a community several miles away from the chosen LTC home. Although not the closest blood relative, this was an elderly individual who had, and would continue to faithfully visit in spite of the new locale. She had assumed the role of confidante and friend, and would not be deterred from visiting.

The elder travelled twice per week, and was subject to a rather exhausting protocol to reach her destination. The bus trip was a 45-minute ride (one way), between communities to the depot.  The closest transfer bus stopped a block from the LTC home. The home was situated in a highly industrial area. The only shortcut was to walk through factory parking lots, and local businesses. Once the elder reached the nearest entrance to the home she could not access it, because it was a staff security doorway. Imagine walking this distance in the snow and inclement weather.

The three checklist Location questions that were not considered in this situation were:

  1. Top Ranking Visitors: Is this a close location to individuals most likely to visit?
  2. Accessible to out of town guests: commuter trains, subways etc.  Is this home accessible to those who will regularly visit?
  3. Transportation availability to facility entrance: Accessible, affordable, local.  Note the word “facility” entrance.  In the above scenario, there was no door-to-door bus service.
In reality for this family, these important, details made the highest impact.

Alternately, if a tourist is looking at retirement residences, think about home location in the same manner that you would view any prospective new home.

Think about how the location will impact socialization, and independence. Is the location practical and cohesive with your current lifestyle?

Think about it:

  • Do you have a vehicle?
  • Will you have close walking/driving access to stores, pharmacies, entertainment and churches?
  • Is there adequate visitor parking or nearby free parking within walking distance, if a family member will assist with shopping excursions for sundry needs?

So often when I offer presentations, participants have an “aha” moment. An item arises, or comes to mind that was never considered.  That was one of the motivators in creating the resource manual. Choices are best facilitated when there is an informed consumer who will consider numerous aspects that impact decision-making.

In matters where choices have long-term impact, it is wise to explore criteria that best suits your family and loved one.  In this way the options can be narrowed, based on personal relevance, convenience and need.

After several requests, we have developed our checklist and resource manual featured in the apps, available to download in paper form for your utilization. The resource manual has never been made available in this manner, until now!  Visit our online store at www.elderpilot.com. We will also create a colour copy of the chosen manual and ship it to your home, at your request.

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