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Anxiety is not a light switch, neither controlled or ignited by conscious manipulation

Posted Oct 4th, 2015 in News, Tips, Dementia

Anxiety is not a light switch, neither controlled or ignited by conscious manipulation

Sometimes my thoughts of the day take a detour and as a result, the following musings were written this morning.

My poetic prose about depression resonated with many of my readers, so much so that I have attempted to capture the essence of anxiety.  Not to minimize the emotion, but rather emphasize the profound affect anxiety has on our choices, life experiences, and sense of personal calm.

Understanding an individual's personal, physical, emotional and spiritual makeup, allows us better insight into their response to the world around them...

Anxiously awaiting
When asked to contemplate the emotion of anxiety she eloquently responded:

A bubbling watch pot defies the adage,
That it will never boil.
The inertia redefines what was,
Transforming fluidity, into visual context.

So Anxiety, not withstanding scientific reflection,
Becomes a silent, individualistic interpretation,
Where metamorphosis is spontaneous,
And fueled by internal revelations.

For those who are confounded by this play on words,
It is clear that you have never felt,
The transformation precipitated by anxiety,
Where safeguards of rational thoughts dissipate.
Be advised, directing an anxious soul to remain calm,
Is like harnessing the glisten of a random snowflake.
This is not a scripted version of emotion,
But rather, a raw and personal reality.

Please, honour the feeling within the context presented,
Support its’ authenticity as unique, and individualistic.
Listen with openness, rather than judgment
Be the constant, in a world of unpredictability. 

May we listen with patience,

May we recognize antecedents and precipitants to anxiety,

May we accept that anxiety is a raw emotion and possible ensuing panic attacks can be stressful,

May we understand that anxiety is not a light switch that can be manually altered with effortless intervention,

May we support access to medical care and treatment...

May we learn to love ourselves and others, unconditionally.

(Our blogs are general commentaries only, and do not imply or offer medical direction or advice.  In all cases if someone has mental or physical health issues or concerns, please consult your medical practitioner.)



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