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Depression like Dementia does not discriminate: May our actions of acceptance show the same values

Posted Aug 30th, 2015 in Long-Term Care, Retirement, Tips, Dementia

Depression like Dementia does not discriminate: May our actions of acceptance show the same values

As of late there have been many shared social media posts in my expanded circle about depression. Alike dementia; depression is often a word whispered quietly, for reasons potentially relating to fears of stigma.

The resurgence in discussions about mental illness, even in this small venue raises hope. Perhaps better awareness is creating an educated public, who are sensitive to the difficulties some individuals are facing on a daily basis.

In Long-Term Care homes,  Residents may undergo a full medical assessment and emotional review, using criteria from rating scales to determine the significance of a changing mood.  Ruling out pain, is important when behaviour changes, as well as conducting an holistic approach to assessment.  What has changed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, that may impact an individual's response to the world around them? 

So often my posts reflect thoughts about living with dementia, which is a disease primarily affecting an older population.  Conversely, the age demographic for Individuals living with depression is most certainly broad spectrum, and the experiences, emotions, mood, and feelings are also significant and real.

I hope in some small way I have captured in this poetic reflective piece, the emotion I have seen, with those whom I have loved.  May these words open eyes and hearts, to build better understanding.

    The Social Gathering

Do you ever feel so very small,
Like you’re not really there at all?
Your presence faint, but oh so wee,
If that’s the case, you’re much like me.

Do you ever think that others may,
Dismiss you so you’ll go away?
The conversation lingers on
Will they notice when I’m gone?

Indifference swells and fills my space,
Emotions lacking social grace.
My value measured, weights applied,
Ignore the soul that lives inside.

As prattle volleys, gamers throw,
The vocal toss that casts the blow.
Insensitive to my duress,
Blinders to ensuing stress.

Words sharp and fast, they pierce the skin,
Breaking pieces, shards within.
My hope would be, that they could see,
The damage done, inside of me.

The world is round, but I’m concave,
Inner turmoil be my slave.
My fit unsure, my path is grey,
I don’t belong, I’ve lost my way.

You hold my key for inner peace,
Take some time and look beneath.
My surface scratched has much to bare,
A moment please, to show you care.

It’s hard when one feels very small,
The bigger world awaits our fall.
So if you would just notice me,
Or wave me gone and set me free.

Final Thoughts;

May we be kinder, gentler, and more caring to those around us.

May we reach deeply within ourselves, to be more understanding, empathetic, and compassionate.

May we offer refuge in a storm, and even in the absence of a storm, offer a port of safety.

May we facilitate access to professional support and care.

May we remember that the world is a lonely place, when we feel alone.

May we be willing to accept help, and let the warmth of the sunshine of those who care, push back the clouds when storms prevail.

(Our blogs are general commentaries only, and do not imply or offer medical direction or advice.  In all cases if someone has mental or physical health issues or concerns, please consult your medical practitioner.)














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