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Choosing a Retirement Residence: A beautiful model was refused space in a Retirement Home, can you imagine that?

Posted Aug 14th, 2015 in News, Retirement, Tips

Choosing a Retirement Residence: A beautiful model was refused space in a Retirement Home, can you imagine that?

Refusal of a Model in a Retirement Residence?  

When I first heard the story, I wondered;

Was there an issue with age restrictions, (newness matters?) based on the demographics of the residence?...I believe there were some willing to make an exception, but it was beyond their control.

Was this willowy creature too tall for existing door frames?...This seemed a little far fetched.

Was there a concern about the amount of attention such a move would bring? ... This seemed contrary to most of the glossy advertisements, I have seen in the past.

Was there an issue with high maintenance?...Nope it was my understanding that measures were in place to meet the subject's needs, and there were time honoured contracts with a familiar company.

Was there a concern that this new inhabitant may require a lot of energy?... Possibly so, but it was my understanding there were also measures addressing efficiency, and needs, already.

Was there a space issue?...Hmmm I understand that there were provisions in place to acquire a two bedroom unit, so hopefully this was a non issue.

So what kind of Model would be refused in some Retirement Homes?

The Model was (drum roll) ...

Full Sized Refrigerator!  (Sorry can't give the Model's name and serial number due to privacy issues!)

Now I am sure you are shaking your head, but think about it.  If you are downsizing and still like to entertain and putter, it would be practical to insure you understand what items are allowed in a kitchenette in your new home.

Some residences are very restrictive about any type of suite meal prep, and only allow bar style refrigerators for Resident usage.  This means no ice, and limited space except for some staple food items and beverages.

Now if the owner of this Model had used the Elderpilot Retirement mobile app when conducting tours, they would have already known that.  

Food for thought...I mean, well, as much food as a bar fridge can hold...

Thank you for the most fitting image: by Franco Borsi Wild Life on deviantart.com

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