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10 Super Heroes who will not Cope well in Long-Term Care Homes

Posted Jul 31st, 2015 in Long-Term Care

10 Super Heroes who will not Cope well in Long-Term Care Homes

Today, I was inspired by a picture to write something a bit light hearted for my readers.  The underlying message remains however, that Long-Term Care Homes require more passion and compassion, in addressing the needs of our elderly.  Sometimes Long-Term care becomes so regulatory, that we forget the basics that can impact quality of life.  

But before the fun, here's the messaging...

The tone of the home: starts with the management team and their ability and desire, to integrate themselves into their surroundings, rather than lead from a computer and desktop.  How can we influence change?

Management Expectations

  • Let’s expect daily building tours by all managers.
  • Let’s live with the philosophy that an open door policy is the only way to feel the pulse of the home.
  • Let’s communicate better, and keep Residents, Families, and Staff aware of the rationale behind changes.
  • Let’s treat everyone with dignity and respect; fairly, judiciously, kindly, and above all really listen, and respond effectively to concerns, in a timely, transparent manner.
  • Let's keep our staff engaged and healthy; through wellness programs, continuing education, appreciation days and employee assistance programs
  • Let’s remember that there should always be laughter, because this is a home, after all

That being said, I have decided that Long-Term Care is going to be a very difficult transition for our Super Heroes and Villains. 

Here are conversations, I imagine between staff and these new residents, as they address commonly encountered problems...

1.  Superman

What do you mean, you lost my cape in the laundry when you sent it for labelling?  How many capes do you have down there?  Lois is not going to like this one bit...

2.  Batman  

But Nurse, the semi is OK, but I NEED the bed by the window

3.  Aquaman:

What do you mean there are ONLY 2 baths per week?

4.  Wonder woman: 

I don’t care about your valuables policy, the bracelets stay with me

5.  Hulk

Ok I get it.  I can’t bring all my lab equipment, the chemicals, and even the experiments that are in progress. BUT if I hear you cannot accommodate one more thing, I run the risk of getting ANGRY  

6.  Spiderman:

Really, I can’t access the other web either?

 7.  Cat Woman:

Don’t you think these restrictive pet policies are a bit meoawful?

 8.  Iron Man:

You call THIS storage?  Where will I put my other clothing?

 9.  Thor:

What do you mean that the maintenance crew are the ONLY ones allowed to hang pictures in my room?

 10.  Hercules:

No lift policy?  What other activities have you got here?

Let us not forget, that our elders are all unique, and have desires, wants and dreams that are individualistic and important.  

I hope today, I have given you a smile, but also created awareness that sometimes when we create so many rules, we run the risk of creating impenetrable barriers, replacing "Homes" with "Institutions."

Ann Chartier Elder Pilot

This delightful illustration is the work of Martin Beck. Check out his web site for more thought provoking photos.


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