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Committed to being a Dementia Ambassador

Posted Jun 18th, 2015 in ElderPilot in Action

The flower in the corner symbolizes that I have become a Dementia Ambassador. This is not a paying role or a job, but a statement of advocacy that we need to support, respect, and find ways to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. 

As an Ambassador, I have committed to informing my friends, family, followers and others, that they can become a dementia friend. No obligation, just a way of saying that if we all learned more about this disease, we would contribute to the life experiences of those affected. As a family, we have been impacted with more than one generation experiencing the difficulties of living with dementia. I hope you will become a Dementia Friend: check it out http://www.dementiafriends.ca/ use my Ambassador Code UVNRPMOE. The code inclusion demonstrates that I am committed to support this initiative. I do not receive any money or renumeration! But... who knows, if they find a cure in my lifetime...that will mean everything!

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