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In case you didn't know...the squeaky wheel does get the oil. You have the right to choose your Long-Term care (nursing) home!

Posted Jun 11th, 2015 in ElderPilot in Action

Advocacy can be simple grass roots action.  If you feel strongly that a LTC home is sub par, maybe you want to consider giving a copy of your Elderpilot mobile app tour report, to your local politicians.  

An avalanche of reports where homes are not meeting the public's needs, may create a much needed wake up call. That third party observational feedback is from the TAX PAYERS!

Often I hear families say that it's pointless to choose a LTC home preference list, because the wait for their first choice residences are too lengthy.  There is a strong sense that their loved one will have to settle.

It's time to start squeaking folks!

* Learn the process in your geographical region to access LTC (nursing) homes.   In Ontario, the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre), manages all applications and wait lists

*  Do your research when touring homes.  When you use the free Elderpilot mobile apps, you can record observations by touch screen for later review. Type notes and add your comments.  (If the senior looking for a home cannot attend the tours, they are part of the process through the review of reports)

* If your request to apply for Long-Term care is refused by the local authorities: Ask about the criteria for being entered onto a wait list, and what access to care is available: short term and long-term

*  If a LTC home refuses to add your loved one to a wait list, ask for the reasons in writing for further clarification

*  Ask what the average wait list times are per each LTC home.  (In Ontario you can access this information: http://oaccac.com/Quality-And-Transparency/Provincial-Wait-Times/long-term-care-wait-times)

Looking for more tips: Elderpilot has numerous blogs on this site, that may help you find your way through the system, AND a big can of oil to turn the wheel!

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