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If you are Retiree with a hobby, be"fore" you choose a Retirement Residence, check out the storage amenities.

Posted Jun 10th, 2015 in ElderPilot in Action

I am not sure if I should say "fore" or forewarned, when I look at this picture. We mean business, and want adequate storage wherever we live!

A wise consumer touring Retirement Residences, peruses the storage provided when on a tour. Check out the free Elderpilot: Retirement mobile app for guidance. If you do enjoy an occasional round of golf, where will the clubs be stored?  Think about your lifestyle, and what is important regarding accessibility.

As the thoughts of downsizing become a reality, start to consider what items of furniture, and personal effects are negotiable; to give away, sell, and/or store. When touring Retirement Residences, ask if there are storage lockers, and if any additional fees are incurred for usage.  

What is on your list that is non negotiable, or a keeper?  Take your time, and think it through, not an enviable job!

Some Long-Term Care Homes have limited, added storage for very basic items, but space comes at a premium.  Inquire, but don't hold your breath. If at all possible, seasonal clothing is best stored at a loved one's home, to allow for more closet room, especially if you live in snow country.

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