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Hobbies for pleasure: Sew What? ..I'll show you

Posted Jun 7th, 2015 in ElderPilot in Action

Does this picture spark a memory?  Well for those who remember it, this is the "Walk Away Dress" from the 1950's.  My first sewing effort in years; sorry no modelling, and there have been no RSVPs on my invitations either!

For those who want a little fun, watch the episode of the Great British Sewing Bee below

In Choosing a Retirement or Long-Term Care Home, it is wise to peruse available space to enjoy a hobby:

  • Is there a hobby room in your prospective new home?
  • Are there crafts and art supplies for your use?
  • Is there the opportunity to attend crafting classes?
  • Check out the number of outlets in your potential new "pad". Are there enough to enjoy your hobby?  Although this sounds silly, with technology and the use of electronics, outlets may be at a premium.  You may need to buy a power bar or two.  

Make sure you are engaging in safe electrical usage!  Sometimes antiques: such as lamps, have "suspect" wiring and could be a fire hazard: have items checked!

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