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Senior's Long-Term Care homes: Let's bring REAL choice back

Posted Jun 5th, 2015 in Long-Term Care, Retirement, Safety, Tips, Dementia

Senior's Long-Term Care homes: Let's bring REAL choice back

What is this poem really about?

You may be surprised....     

         The Chosen One

They’re coming up the walkway,
Just like the time before,
From my window, I can see them,
They’re heading for the door!

The bell rings as the door swings through,
I know there is a goal.
They’re here again, for me you see.
(I hope they see my soul).

The lady smiles, and pats my back,
I feel a sense of calm.
Perhaps this "home" of which they speak,
Will never do me wrong.

"I’m gaining weight and eating well,
My bowels work just fine."
They say “I seldom mess myself,
And rarely do I whine.”

They speak of how "I sit for hours",
With sight lines to outside.
They think that "walks would meet my needs",
But "the rules I must abide."

The paper work is signed right there,
I hear the voices say.
My fate is sealed, or so they think,
And I can leave today.

Now if I was a puppy,
This plan would work out well.
But I'm a Senior citizen,
With an opinion, where I dwell.

So include me in the planning,
And let me make a choice.
Because you see, that’s fair to me,
And I still have a voice!

And if sometime, because of health,
For me you must decide.
I trust your choice, in faith believe,
My wishes be your guide.

Ann Chartier Founder Elderpilot

...I was just thinking
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