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Choosing a Long-Term Care or Nursing Home: Think Top Ranking Visitors. Your tip of the day.

Posted Mar 4th, 2015 in News, Long-Term Care, Safety, Tips

Choosing a Long-Term Care or Nursing Home: Think Top Ranking Visitors. Your tip of the day.

When choosing a Long-Term Care or Nursing home, of utmost priority is access for the Top Ranking visitors who will want to continue to be a regular and ongoing presence in the elder’s life.

Individuals that have the closest relationship with the elder are most likely to visit frequently, and at different times of the day.  The top ranking visitor may be a spouse, child, friend, acquaintance etc.

In the case of an elderly couple, consider the mode of transportation that will be required to facilitate the spouses having regular visits.  Remember that after seeing each other daily, there will be a vast gap in the time spent together.

Consider the transportation that will be required to make regular, ongoing visits happen.  Is the spouse who continues to live in their personal residence still able to drive?  How close is the home to their current residence?  Are there concerns about the route, distance, time travelled, parking, and traffic?

Who will assist with the driving and how often are they available? 

Is there the potential to develop a driving schedule amongst family and friends to divide responsibilities?

Will there be costs for alternate transportation, and is it accessible, affordable and includes door to door service?

The top ranking visitor may wish to spend a considerable amount of time visiting and in some cases, may wish to visit more than once per day.  This practice can be exhausting for everyone, but the move has been a life altering change.  Adapting to change is a slow and individual process.

If you have been enlisted as the official tour guide and family lead regarding home choices: don’t forget the top ranking visitors.  Although the outcome of your choice will have a broader impact on the potential resident themselves, it will also affect those who continue to be an integral part of your loved one's life.

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