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If you Fail to Plan, you are Planning to Fail -Benjamin Franklin

Posted Nov 3rd, 2014 in News, Long-Term Care, Retirement, Tips

If you Fail to Plan, you are Planning to Fail  -Benjamin Franklin

We have been described as an emerging company with 2 new mobile apps (iPhones and Androids) that will facilitate the quest to research and effectively tour and compare Long-Term Care homes (Elderpilot: Long-Term care) and Retirement residences (Elderpilot: Retirement).  

Ironically, our track record includes program creation on a local and national level for individuals and corporations since 1996.  

Predating this timeline, our Founder has spent the past 36 years supporting individuals and groups in their pursuit of wellness.

We believe in empowering Seniors with our accessible and easy to use tools to be used when touring Long-Term care or Retirement homes. 

We understand that not all seniors are knowledgeable about apps and anticipate that those loved ones in their inner circle will facilitate the tour experience by assisting with the technology aspect. Our tool prompts observations, records information, and takes pictures for later reflection and report sharing through various modalities including social media and printable “old school” reports.  Ultimately you decide which home best meets your unique needs through your own sense of values, preferences, and research.

We believe that if someone is entrusted to preview homes for an Elder that they should approach this task with insight and preparation, because this is a life altering decision.  

We believe walking with a scrap of paper in your back pocket, or judging a home based on the personality of the tour guide is simply not reasonable or fair to the one person who is counting on you.

We believe that Seniors have the right to make choices and be included in decision making that will impact their future.  

We believe that making the app free, simple and effective to use is more important than user fees for service upgrades, or additional costs for unnecessary fluff.  We believe you would rather have a practical program that you can download at no charge to offer guidance whenever help is needed.

We believe we can help to facilitate your tours as we offer the only mobile app checklists  available for these care settings.  

We chose this venue for our apps because we honour the people who have contributed to our society through their hard work and determination to insure the well being of the next generation.  

We are simply following their lead and "repaying" it forward.

We welcome comments, questions and feedback through our web site: www.elderpilot.com.

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