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Bathing Supports for Ontario Residents in a Retirement Home...Cost Savings Tip

Posted Jun 16th, 2014 in Retirement, Safety, Tips

Bathing Supports for Ontario Residents in a Retirement Home...Cost Savings Tip

My Betweener Blog raised a great question from one of our Readers about personal care in a Retirement Home

Darlene has a parent who is starting to require some help with bathing,  and was looking to employ care services at her retirement residence.  

Currently the Elder is paying for assistance with medications and the concern arose that added costs for bathing aid from the in-house team may be a bit over budget. 

Solution: The CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) is the gateway to health care in Ontario.  This organization is able to provide services covered under OHIP: (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to individuals who qualify for care.  Contracted health care workers provided through CCAC are able to assist with bathing in a Retirement Home at no cost to the Client.

Darlene called the local CCAC and an appointment was set for a Case Coordinator to visit and review her Mom’s care needs. At the time of the pending home visit, should she meet the criteria for services, bathing assistance may be offered at no cost. 

The Care Coordinator may also suggest and arrange for an Occupational Therapist to review the Resident's bathroom, to assess the potential need for safety equipment to prevent falls. 

What’s the difference between a Retirement Home's fee for service staff and CCAC contracted staff? 

The care team contracted by CCAC often have many visits to conduct over the course of a day. Appointments are made for bathing and at times it is difficult to have a staff member arrive at the exact time that is requested by the Resident. 

As you can imagine most people desire early morning appointments. The Case Coordinator will note the request for service times during the interview. The contracted company who provides the care will set the appointment based on staff availability.  There is no guarantee that the Client will be serviced at the exact time desired.  Once the care is started, generally a routine is developed, and there are regular care providers in attendance at a preordained time.  However, sometimes there are new staff that fill shifts so there can be some variances with the personnel.  Costs are covered by OHIP.

Generally care provided for a fee in the Retirement home has a higher level of flexibility as the staff remain in the residence until their shift is completed. 

 The staff can be employed by the home or work in the home as a contracted service.  Because of this, the care provider is often seen in the home on a regular basis, and may be responsible for numerous roles in the workplace. Because of the convenience, there is a fee for this service. 

Which works best for you? Think about your personal preference and pocket book.  Either way, adding services to promote independence will contribute to aging in place.

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