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Does your loved one have Dementia?...Keep Visiting

Posted May 19th, 2014 in Long-Term Care, Tips, Dementia

Does your loved one have Dementia?...Keep Visiting

I AM Listening

Words like swirling leaves around me,

Dancing near to tantalize,

Falling just beyond my reach,

I beckon them to linger closer.

Whispered comments fill my presence,

As if my mind does not detect,

The essence of the raw emotion

Of tender memories.

Despair not by my side however,

For this reflection somewhat clouded

Is only just a mirrored image,

Where spirits deep defy detection.

Waiting for your story silent,

Those treasured moments once revealed,

Longing for your present journey,

For I am listening quietly.

Talk to me as once we could,

With cares and joys and sorrows living,

Although I may not seem to know

I am and always was.

Watch for Instructions as to how to build a Memory Box to maximize interactions when visiting with, or caring for a loved one with memory loss or dementia.

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