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Let's Stop Blaming and Start Fixing...

Posted May 12th, 2014 in Long-Term Care, Retirement, Tips

If you work in Long-Term Care Homes, Retirement Residences, Hospitals, Home Care, Clinics or any place where your expertise is needed daily, read this... and by the way, thank you.

There will always be negative stories about health care because this chronic sense of pessimism towards the industry is fostered by the fact that care providers are an easy target. No medical institution can respond openly to specific criticism involving individual complaints, because of privacy issues, so a story is spun from one perspective.

Yes, I am certain there are cases where the system failed, and those difficult, and at times devastating situations require immediate response and corrective action.  Sometimes negative outcomes involving the people we love cannot be fixed and this is heart breaking.

But, there are also cases where Champions in their profession have contributed quietly behind the scenes, working tirelessly to make changes, and are striving to make a difference.

If we continue to evoke criticism and do not equally celebrate excellence, I fear for our future. What will that landscape look like regarding the provision of healthcare, and more alarmingly, in the areas most criticized, who will want to work there?  

Maybe from a government perspective there needs to be a root cause analysis of past and current health care issues so history does not repeat itself. 

Let’s Identify trends where there are deficiencies in services. 

Let’s study negative outcomes for common factors and use this information to improve care.   

Let’s start listening to the frontline staff. 

Let’s talk action plans. 

Let’s share solutions so the wheel is not continuously reinvented when deficiencies in areas of care are noted. 

The future is not a mystery, we already know what health conditions have been identified as trending; especially with the aging boomers. Some of these issues have already surfaced. 

So Let’s stop blaming and start fixing...

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