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Long-Term Care and Retirement Home Checklists in App Form

Posted Feb 25th, 2014 in Long-Term Care, Retirement, Tips

Don’t be surprised when other families ask for a copy of your Checklist “HOMEwork”

Touring a Long-Term care home or Retirement Home is a journey where the “heart” often leads the way.  To complete a successful tour, the “head” must also share the lead. This is an important and life changing choice for the person preparing for a move, and working without a checklist leaves much to chance.

As the tourist, you are entrusted to formulate an opinion of the care and services based on a snapshot in time, as well as looking at strategic elements such as location and surroundings. 

Leading with the heart involves emotion… 

What was the feeling evoked when you walked through the home? What was the interaction like between staff, residents, and families? What was the level of activity observed; was there a sense of purpose, ability, and enjoyment? What was the overview of the surroundings, was this a place that could be called home?

Leading with the head takes planning... 

  • A wise tourist looks for the right location to meet the needs of the resident and their top ranking visitors. 
  • A wise tourist scopes out the various departments within the home, and observes for strengths and weaknesses. 
  • A wise tourist is detail orientated, and asks questions pertinent to the search. 
  • A wise tourist is organized, and collects information quickly and efficiently.

Choosing a home encompasses preparation and research.  You need to become a health care consumer; shopping for the best location, services, and amenities for your loved one.  

You simply cannot wake up one morning and be a Long-Term care or Retirement Home expert.

If you wish to lead exclusively with your heart, I know you have the best intentions.

If you wish to lead with your head as well, visit Elderpilot.com to learn more about the tools available to research a future Long-Term care home or Retirement Residence. You will find access to the very first checklist created in app form for Iphones and Androids!  Included in the app is a detailed resource guide, nine category checklist with relevant items for review, along with the ability to contrast, compare and share results electronically.

Why do you need a checklist and resource tools about Long-Term Care or Retirement Homes prior to making your selections?

Choice is about having options. Informed Choice is about choosing the best options!

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