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Elder Pilot: Long-Term Care Now Available in the App Store!

Posted Feb 1st, 2014 in News, App Updates

Elder Pilot: Long-Term Care Now Available in the App Store!

We are very excited to announce that Elder Pilot: Long-Term Care is available for download for your iPhone, iPad or Android device!

Click the icons below to download!

Download on Google Play

App Description:

Elder Pilot: Long-Term Care will let you create a personal review of a long-term care (nursing) home.

Use the App during your long-term care home tour, consultations, and research. Based on your input, the app will automatically generate a score to help you decide if the home meets your needs.


  • Review multiple long-term care homes
  • Compare homes
  • Attach photos
  • Share information via unique auto-generated web page (options to send by email, text, and social media)

Why do you need this?

Elderpilot was written by a former Director of Care/Administrator of Long-Term Care Homes. Unlike some paper checklists, this is an impartial, third party, observational guideline written by a Healthcare Professional that spent more than 14 years in the industry.

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