Elder Pilot | Retirement, Long-Term Care and Dementia

Retirement, Long-Term Care & Dementia

About Elder Pilot

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Aging may be an inevitable journey, but navigating the course is best served by finding an experienced pilot.

Our Mission:

To build a supportive network where access to relevant information and current technology is available to Seniors who are navigating lifestyle options.

Our Vision: 

Senior Friendly communities where choice, diversity, and individuality are celebrated, and individuals are supported in maintaining independence and quality of life.

How We Help

Elder Pilot is a navigating system that guides the user through the maze of resources available to Elders who are experiencing difficulty living independently.

Understanding and using the health care system effectively, enhances personal choice, supported independence, and aging in place for as long as possible. Successful navigation requires appropriate tools and information to insure that as health and wellness change, care needs are met as quickly and effectively as possible.

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